Top–of–the–Line Services

We have the equipment that enable us to retrieve all types of broken down tractors and machinery. We have all the special tools and manuals to support what we sell, including laptop computer support for the latest technology in our products. Many of our customers bring in their “other” tractors and machinery for us to repair because they know we can take care of them. Both of our locations are Kubota Certified repair facilities with top of the line and factory trained service and technicians.  Our technicians continue their education every year while attending Kubota Service School. 

From basic service on a lawn mower to major rebuilds on excavators we can do the job right! Our main goal is to provide you with excellent customer service before, during, and after the sale. No job is too big or too small, whether it’s replacing a starter rope in your chainsaw to replacing an engine in your tractor every job is met with equal care, thoroughness, and attention to detail.


Our experienced staff can handle any tractor repair- Gas or Diesel engines, transmissions, or hydraulics. We specialize in Kubota tractors, but are able to work on all brands.


Let our experienced staff go to work for you, whether you need one part or your entire tractor restored, let us help. We have the resources to find the parts, decals, correct period paint, etc. that you will need, and can get OEM and after-market parts for your antique tractor.


We stock a variety of hydraulic fittings and hose, and can make a new line while you wait.


We are able to do welding repairs, custom fabrication. From simple stress crack repair to building from scratch, we are experienced and able to solve your problems.


Our Service Department keeps an inventory of specialized, diagnostic & dis assembly tools to make the repair of your machine as efficiently as possible.

Equipment Tips


  • Check your owners manual (if you don’t have one our parts department will be more than happy to order you one): Understand the machine you have and its operating procedures.
  • Inspect your equipment before use: check your machine and its parts to confirm its in working condition and that all the safety features are in place.
  • Sharpen or replace old blades: dull blades can prevent a clean cut as well as waste gas. Make sure when replacing the blades that they are in balance.
  • Check belts: see if there is a good belt tension and that the belt is in good condition (no cuts or nicks). This will keep it running at peak performance.
  • Check oil/Change oil: check that the engine has enough oil and make sure to check the manual as to how often to have the oil changed.
  • Check tires: if your tires need air make sure to inflate as needed, this will also decrease gas consumption, check your operators manual for specs.
  • Inspect air filter: this item is usually replaced annually or when engine begins to lose power, check manufacturers recommendations for best results.
  • Check equipment after use: you will save time and money by just taking a few moments to look for future problems and remedy them ahead of time before they become much larger issues.
  • Add stabilizer: by using a fuel stabilizer year round to keep fuel fresh it will help prevent future engine issues with your gasoline.

Custom Work

 Do you need custom work done? We can do anything from simple stress crack repair to custom built brush packages for your specific tractor. We offer in house custom fabrication and welding, and are experienced and capable to solve your problems.

  • Custom belly pans – 3/8″ plate steel, with 4 and 5″ C channel support runners. Made for your specific tractor.
  • Custom 4″ heavy wall round tube bumpers with 3/8″ end caps.
  • 2″ heavy wall square tube Brush Guards.
  • Complete cab protection, 2″ Heavy wall square tubing.
  • All the major components are easily removable if needed.
  • Protect your tractor from debris.


Do you have a tractor that you just cant bare to part with? Do you not have the time to restore your tractor?
Here at South Georgia Tractor, Inc. We can do tractor restorations as well. Let our experienced staff go to work for you, whether you need one part or your entire tractor restored, let us help. We have the resources to find the parts, decals, correct period paint, etc. that you will need.

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